Zombie O.P.S., The 7 Skulls! Book

Find out if Miles can find all seven mystic skulls to save the world from zombies!

Zombie O.P.S., The 7 Skulls! Is a pdf book that will be sent directly after purchase.

McCritersonsProud to announce the release of this coloring book based on the Marvelous McCrittersons Road Trip to Grandma’s book written by Beth Paprocki and illustrated by Greg.

HotRodHamsterGreg embraces this lovable Scholastic character once again. Now this band of furry friends go on an awesome ATV adventure!

CJ2Don’t miss the train! Greg creates a fun and energetic mini movers train book for the world of Curious George.

01PaprockiCuriousGCrainAnother addition to the world of Curious George with this fun mini movers crane book.

01GettyPaprockiGreg bakes up a new batch of fresh styled art for his licensing catalog with Getty Images.

02CherryBombsPaprockiVisit the kaleidoscope world of the Cherry Bombs. This universe is the brainchild of Greg and Beth Paprocki. With Beth’s wit and Greg’s eye for design they’ve developed a brand full of eye candy and humor. This book is available on Amazon for Kindle download.

16HotRodHamsterPaprockiGreg create the internal artwork for the new book “Hot Rod Hamster and the Wacky Whatever Race!”

15CuriousGeorgePaprockiThe world of Curious George is alive and well in this fun “Dump Truck Mini Movers” book about a monkey and a community and their garden.

14JoJoBigTalePaprockiThis book illustrated and told by Greg is launched on Amazon for Kindle download. Follow JoJo the dog as he learns that the love for his owner is greater than the love for his toy.

PrintIllustrated by Greg Paprocki and written by Beth Paprocki follow this family of adorable raccoons on their adventure to grandma’s house. Available on Amazon’s Kindle edition.

12CuriousGeorgePaprockiGreg breaks out his watercolors and charcoal for the new Curious George book “Fire Truck Mini Movers” about how this mischievous monkey always helps in the end.

11GentelmenPreferCurvesPaprockiAnother fun cover by Greg Paprocki bringing to life Sugar Jamison’s characters for the book “Gentlemen Prefer Curves.”

PrintGreg refreshes his licensing catalog with Getty Images with a series of wonderfully playful images.

09DuckTapePaprockiGreg works with Falls Communications to take the viewer to outer space with this promotional poster and collateral for the 11th annual Avon Heritage Duck Tape Festival.

08HighRiseVodkaPaprockiTaste the good life and enjoy the art while you’re doing it with these labels by Greg showing a bygone era.

07BigBookSupeherosPaprockiGreg is commissioned by Gibb Smith publishing to bring to life Bart King’s wildly funny and imaginative children’s book on what it takes to be a superhero.

06LoveAnotherDayPaprockiBeing a spy can be super hot as shown by this cover for Gina Robinson’s book “Love Another Day.”

05ThownForCurvePaprockiThis charming book cover for “Thrown for a Curve” shows that you don’t need fashion model proportions to be sexy.

04SpinDoctorPaprockiGreg works with Modern Monks brewery to create this dynamic bottle label.

03CheechChongPaprockiNo buds just suds in this beer label.

02LuckyLadyPaprockiGreg gives the Luck Lady Tasting Room and Winery a definite look and feel with this artwork.

01LicenseToLovePaprockiGreg produces the cover art for the book “License to Love” by Gina Robinson about an agent’s dangerous adventure in Las Vegas.

GNCTeen With the success of the artwork he created for their line of children’s vitamins, GNC enlists Greg to create fun and youthful artwork for their popular line of teen vitamins.

GNCKids Who knew that being healthy could be so much fun? GNC’s corporate office collaborated with Greg to create these charming labels for their line of kids vitamins.

WheresGeorge Greg takes Curious George on more exciting adventures with a “Look and Find” book. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt once again works with Greg to create several beautiful environments for any curious explorer!

Author Gina Robinson releases her anticipated spy novel “Live and Let Love”. Greg Paprocki worked with St. Martin’s Press to craft the sexy and stylish cover art.


The first Mediterranean luxury vodka, Akvinta uses Greg’s fashion sense to costume their girl for Halloween.


Always up for a challenge, Greg Paprocki works with Taco Bell to create fun icons that can communicate their function at a glance.


Going back to the days that Greg did scientific illustration, he executes a very technical project for Colgate. From ultra-stylized to photorealistic, Greg has the skills to pull it off.


Award-winning advertising agency Ryan Partnership joins forces with Greg Paprocki to create packaging for Life Savers and Pep-O-Mint. Going back to the early days of these products, Greg used archived advertisements to create their original feel.


Finally, after a decade of setting the trends for others, Greg Paprocki launches his own store. Now you can own a piece of Greg’s original art on the products you want.


St. Martin’s Press continues it’s work with Greg Paprocki to create fun and sexy covers for Gina Robinson’s spy novels with a modern twist.

Working with the Zagoren Collective, LLC, based in New York, Greg Paprocki creates memorable art with attitude for Akvinta’s TV launch.

Illustrator Greg Paprocki is chosen by the Zagoren Collective, LLC, to create the visual attitude for print and online branding of Akvinta premium vodka.

Using grainy black and white photos taken from the start of Taco Bell’s more modest beginnings, Greg Paprocki used his visual skills to create a modern mascot with the same spirit as the original Taco Bell Boy.

Plans are in the works for a $12.4 million Woodmen Community Center. Part of these plans include a $4 million Lion’s Water Adventure to help serve the blind. It was Greg’s honor to be a part of this project for such a wonderful cause.


Hayneedle Hayneedle may not be a household name yet, but it will be soon. They are one of the country’s largest and fastest growing e-shopping sites. Greg was asked to create graphic representations of each type of shoppers. With a current yet retro feel, one of these characters should match the shopper inside you.

Taco Bell For several years Greg has worked with Taco Bell on hundreds of pieces of art. He has continued this partnership by creating sophisticated yet informative training images.

3Colgate Greg works with Chicago based RK Associates, Inc., to create photo-realistic packaging of the new Colgate packaging.

4One800Flowers Award-wining New York book producer Smallwood & Stewart works with Greg to produce covers for table books by 1-800-flowers. The cover art celebrates the milestones in people’s lives.

5VegasG2E Greg has acted as a designer, developer and artist with international gaming leader Video King. This year Greg was invited as Video King’s guest to experience the world’s premier casino-entertainment event, the G2E at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas. It was a great opportunity to see what is hot in the gaming world visually and to get a different perspective on art techniques.


Greg goes old school using paint and charcoal to help George and his friend celebrate the holidays with this adorable touch-and-feel board book.


A colorful fold-out board book and growth chart— parents and little ones won’t want to miss an inch!

Celebrate growing little ones and their growing worlds with this beautiful fold-out board book. Parents and babies can use one side of the book to discover a variety of growing things through charming images of swaying trees, tropical fruits, baby animals, a celebratory poem, and a mirror so baby can watch herself grow. Flip the book over for a gorgeous growth chart that helps parents track their child’s height, inch by colorful inch. This book is made of sturdy, lightweight board with a ribbon hanger to be securely hung on a wall. The book comes packaged in an elegant gift box and includes a sheet of Curious George stickers and height markers for the growth chart.

Greg creates a scary yet adorable mood with his art for the book “Katzen Mond”.


Greg’s playful, sexy illustrations grace the cover of Susan Donovan’s new book “I Want Candy”. This is one of a series of books by this New York Times best selling author. This book will be realeased in February of 2012.

Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners once again uses Greg’s artwork for a Priceline television spot. This widely recognized campaign uses the iconic actor William Shatner, and this new commercial celebrates the return of the big pimp character, “Big Deal”.

The new global marketing campaign launched by Hertz uses a new mascot, a little yellow animated guy that looks like he may have just escaped from a video game. Voiced by actor Owen Wilson, “Horatio” (the cheery mascot’s name) is featured in a series of television ads directed by Tucker Gates, who has worked on such TV series as “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation”.Greg Paprocki’s contribution to this new global campaign is a series of fun illustrated backgrounds for pop brochures banners, posters, signage, promotional and marketing materials, web, email and direct mail.

Publisher Houghton Mifflin asks Greg to create the cover and interior art pieces for “Curious George’s Everyday Shapes” book.

Little ones will discover the world of everyday shapes–a diamond, flower, egg, star, and heart–with this interactive puzzle book. Each sturdy shaped puzzle piece can be lifted off to reveal a scene of George interacting with the shape in the world around him–and some additional shapes on the back of the puzzle piece! With sweet illustrations, bouncy rhyming verse, and shaped puzzle pieces to touch and explore with, this book is the perfect way to introduce the baby in your life to the world of shapes!

Greg’s art entertains readers across the pond. Greg uses his skills to illustrate the lavish lifestyles of vacation traveling by ship.