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Greg’s Current Work

The goal of this blog is to not only showcase Greg’s latest projects but to give more insight into his design processes, his musings on the industry and the challenges of working as a freelancer.

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Art and Design

Greg Paprocki is a prolific artist always trying to push the limits of his imagination. His creativity, drive and careful attention to detail is reflected in his art. And though he is a one-man shop, Greg’s polished, inventive work evokes the skills set of an entire team of artists. Hundreds of companies have called on Greg to create something memorable for them.


BabyLit Book Series

Greg has partnered with Gibbs Smith and their BabyLit division to bring to life his vision of historically-themed ABC books. Not your typical A is for apple alphabet books, these clever and unique treasures introduce words many adults may want to learn with smart and playful illustrations that herald back to the golden era of book art.

Baby Lit Bok

Games and Books

Greg is constantly working to bring to life the plethora of ideas floating around in his head. Through his collection of books and his latest venture into the world of apps and online games, many of his diverse original properties are now available in all their technicolor glory!


Marvelous McCrittersons

Greg, with his writing partner and wife Beth, introduces a charming family of raccoons whose daily life mirrors most families. Their world is bursting with color, inhabited by other adorable animals and alive with possibility.


Cherry Bombs

Greg and Beth Paprocki created the cheerful punk rock world of the Cherry Bombs. Tagalong with our fierce foursome on all their misadventures and meet the eclectic characters that fill their life with drama and hijinks.


Zombie O.P.S.

The dead have risen in a battle between good and evil with nothing less than the fate of the world at hand.


Glub Glub Club

The seaside town of Cape Fur got a lot more interesting when a fox with amnesia showed up! Join Ike, new proprietor of the towns popular Glub Glub Club, as he becomes better acquainted with the towns screwball inhabitants while fending off the dastardly deeds of Vernon von Vermin.


JoJo the Dog

JoJo faces quite the conundrum: his tennis ball or Mr. Biggins? JoJo’s adventure takes him by land, water and air to teach him valuable lessons about the importance of friendship.


Art For Licensing

Greg has a truly impressive and diverse catalog of ideas, characters and styles of art that would make him an ideal licensing partner. While this is just a small sampling of his art, he can bring any specific licensing ideas to life.