L is for Love

Share the joy of books with your little ones.


D is for Dreidel

Hanukkah in hardbound.

S is for Santa

Look for this literary gift under your tree.

B is for Boo

For this Halloween get the book that screams READ ME to your little ghouls!

S is for School

Get rid of those jitters by showing the best parts of school.

G is for GoGo

Let’s do the Mashed Potato and go back to the 60’s with this groovy ABC book I did with the publisher Gibbs Smith.

J is for Jazz

Make some noise with this ABC book from the jazz age!

A is for Atom

Create a reaction when you mix A is for Atom with a child’s curiosity!


02AisForAtom 03AisForAtom

Here is the initial version of K is for Kitchen and the final version with dad doing the baking.


R is for Railway

Every revolution starts with an idea. Bridge the gap between pre and post industrial revolution with R is for Railway.





An example of my process from very a rough sketch to final art.

S is for Sabertooth

Don’t be left in the stone age by not owning S is for Sabertooth!





Here are two versions for “U”. The publisher and I agreed to go with the image on the right.

V is for Vittles

V is for Vittles, and C is for Cute! This book will hopefully become a classic. Let your little ones discover the wild west and impress their friends with their superior vocabulary.

ABC Book 01

03 ABC Book

This is the initial cover produced for the first book in the series. The art is much more rendered than the interior pages and the design more complicated.

04 ABC Book

This early title page for the Wild West Alphabet didn’t make the book, but the cancan dancers did make it onto the back cover.

05 ABC Book

06 ABC Book

07 ABC Book

08 ABC Book

C is for Castle

From dragons to knights, this charming alphabet book of medieval Europe presents both daily life and mythical imagery that kids and parents alike will enjoy.

09 ABC Book

10 ABC Book

11 ABC Book

12 ABC Book

13 ABC Book

14 ABC Book

M is for Monocle

The Victorian era is fascinating with the duality of having one foot into the mechanization of the future and one foot in the class distinctions and traditions of the past. M is for Monocle is a highly entertaining conversation starter for parents and their kids.

15 ABC Book

16 ABC Book

17 ABC Book

18 ABC Book

19 ABC Book

20 ABC Book