In the summer of 2015, I was contacted by Falls Communications out of Cleveland, Ohio to help on a high-profile project. I had worked with this agency in the past and they liked my design sense.  I created over 20 variations of elephants – here are a few examples.

Fall Communications took my elephant artwork to create a logo that fit in with the city of Cleveland.

The 2016 RNC Convention is shaping up to be one of historical proportions.




16HotRodHamsterPaprockiGreg create the internal artwork for the new book “Hot Rod Hamster and the Wacky Whatever Race!”

15CuriousGeorgePaprockiThe world of Curious George is alive and well in this fun “Dump Truck Mini Movers” book about a monkey and a community and their garden.

14JoJoBigTalePaprockiThis book illustrated and told by Greg is launched on Amazon for Kindle download. Follow JoJo the dog as he learns that the love for his owner is greater than the love for his toy.

PrintIllustrated by Greg Paprocki and written by Beth Paprocki follow this family of adorable raccoons on their adventure to grandma’s house. Available on Amazon’s Kindle edition.

12CuriousGeorgePaprockiGreg breaks out his watercolors and charcoal for the new Curious George book “Fire Truck Mini Movers” about how this mischievous monkey always helps in the end.

11GentelmenPreferCurvesPaprockiAnother fun cover by Greg Paprocki bringing to life Sugar Jamison’s characters for the book “Gentlemen Prefer Curves.”

PrintGreg refreshes his licensing catalog with Getty Images with a series of wonderfully playful images.

09DuckTapePaprockiGreg works with Falls Communications to take the viewer to outer space with this promotional poster and collateral for the 11th annual Avon Heritage Duck Tape Festival.

08HighRiseVodkaPaprockiTaste the good life and enjoy the art while you’re doing it with these labels by Greg showing a bygone era.

07BigBookSupeherosPaprockiGreg is commissioned by Gibb Smith publishing to bring to life Bart King’s wildly funny and imaginative children’s book on what it takes to be a superhero.

06LoveAnotherDayPaprockiBeing a spy can be super hot as shown by this cover for Gina Robinson’s book “Love Another Day.”

05ThownForCurvePaprockiThis charming book cover for “Thrown for a Curve” shows that you don’t need fashion model proportions to be sexy.

04SpinDoctorPaprockiGreg works with Modern Monks brewery to create this dynamic bottle label.

03CheechChongPaprockiNo buds just suds in this beer label.

02LuckyLadyPaprockiGreg gives the Luck Lady Tasting Room and Winery a definite look and feel with this artwork.

01LicenseToLovePaprockiGreg produces the cover art for the book “License to Love” by Gina Robinson about an agent’s dangerous adventure in Las Vegas.