I had the privilege of working with Starry Forest on one of the most beloved story out there.

Another great classic story to add to the Baby Classics series by Starry Forest.

I’m excited for this new BabyLit book by Gibbs Smith taking us back to the tales we were told as children and introducing them to the next generation.

I’m proud to be adding to this Political Science series with Charlesbridge.

Very excited for this new series of books I’ve been work Starry Forest Books!

Zombie O.P.S., The 7 Skulls! Book

Find out if Miles can find all seven mystic skulls to save the world from zombies!

Zombie O.P.S., The 7 Skulls! Is a pdf book that will be sent directly after purchase.

I’m so happy to be introducing the 4th book in Charlesbridge’s Baby Loves political science series.

There are so many wonderful art versions of The Wind in the Willows. I had a blast working with Starry Forest to create a one more new style!

What a thrill brining my version of Tom Sawyer to life with the help of Starry Forest Books!

This is one of my all time favorite books that was done with Starry Forest Books!

Another great book in this Baby Classics series by Starry Forest Books.

What a joy to revisit this classic with Starry Forest Books.

Christmas came early this year with my new 1,2,3 counting book with the publisher Gibbs Smith.

Announcing a new line of counting books with the great publisher Gibbs Smith.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays so I was excited to work with Gibbs Smith on this ABC book celebrating that day and other things we are all thankful for.

This book was definitely a labor of love! Another Gibbs Smith ABC book to add to my series.

I’m so pleased to be working with Charlesbridge on another book in the Baby Loves Political Science series.

It’s never too early to start learning how a democracy works. I’m so happy to be working with Charlesbridge on this Baby Loves series.

This one will touch your heart.

This is a great book! I love the party hat.

It’s always fun to break out the paint for the Curious George books.

It’s no stretch to think this is a great book!

Another great book in my series with Gibbs Smith!

I was selected to appear in Japan’s Illustrator’s Association’s 100 Illustrators book after an extensive competition of artist from around the world.

I was honored to receive PubWest’s silver award for children’s / young adult illustrated book.

Learn about history and other cultures with this fun book Now and Then.

Learning can be fun with these STEAM books written by the popular author Bart King and art by me.

Share this wonderful animal book with the ones you love.

Announcing my new book which is as American as apple pie!

Add to your celebrations with this cheerful holiday book.

I had a lot of fun getting into a pirate’s frame of mind with this project!

I was asked to do a personal project for a very successful music producer. He was thrilled with the final product!

I think my cover for The Bonjour Effect turned out nice. It has a lot of charm.

Kids are always a fun subject matter, so I had a ball working on this packaging.

I was fortunate to be asked to create Barbie graphics for the 50th anniversary packaging. I had extensive experience working with Mattel’s Barbie category which led to this high profile project.

I had a blast creating strong women characters for Secrets’s 50th Anniversary packaging.

I had fun creating the sleek and elegant world of Akvinta Vodka.

Here is my concept art for Disney’s Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.

I was asked to do this fun promotional board game for Crazy Glue. It had some interesting characters.

Celebrate the holidays with everyone’s favorite marshmallow chickadee.

Bottoms up with my retro styled vodka labels.

I had fun creating artwork for this really fun card game.

I was asked to create a friendly and inviting bear to be used on this GNC packaging.

I worked with the talented in-house designers at GNC to create spot art for their new liquid vitamins.

I was lucky enough to create the art for this wonderful line of cleaning products based on their existing logo.

All you need is love and most definitely this book!

This is the best thing since jelly doughnuts! Get into the Hanukkah spirit with D is for Dreidel.

L is for Love

Share the joy of books with your little ones.


D is for Dreidel

Hanukkah in hardbound.

S is for Santa

Look for this literary gift under your tree.