This beer label challenge was in capturing the essence and history of Cheech and Chong.

Here are photo realistic and technical illustrations for a Colgate presentation. They include packaging and healthy and diseased teeth and gums.

Greg was involved in one of the redesigns for SoBe drink labels. The challenge was to graphically express each flavor with out focusing directly on the ingredients.

Proctor and Gamble wanted to create special packaging for their 50th Anniversary Secret Deodorant canisters. Greg was asked to create characters that captured the vibe of each decade from the 1950s to modern day.

Greg has been fortunate to work with GNC on several packaging projects. Included here is a fun kids’ vitamin bottle, the youthful exuberance of teen vitamins and a detail of the fruit flavor artwork.

This beer label for Modern Monks Brewery ties together the Spin Doctor label with the concept of mountain biking.

Three colorful vodka labels for High Rise Vodka capturing the Mad Men essence of the 1960s.