Here is an array of charming holiday images.

Invoking emotion through simplicity of line and color Greg works in partnership with Getty Images to increase his exposure globally.

This luscious candy-coated artwork is for the first in a series of McCritterson’s books. Concepted and illustrated by Greg, follow this family of raccoons as they discover adventure in everyday life.

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These simple yet technically challenging images were done by Greg for artwork licensing through Getty Images, the largest company in the world for this type of service.

Greg is flattered to be the illustrator for Curious George’s beginning reader books. This is a small example which includes a growth chart, the cover of “Where’s Curious George?” and a piece of art from “My Favorite Things”.

This is artwork created by Greg for sale on merchandise at

This is a graphic interpretation of a family and their house’s bar.

This is a series of fun posters created by and for Greg Paprocki, Inc.

Dental City is a supplier for dental products. Greg created a diva spokesperson for the web and digital representations of people connected to the business.

Artwork for Greg’s book concept “JoJo’s Big Tale”.

Exploration fashion art.

This exploitative tempera painting depicts the joy of fishing.

Commissioned project by Swanson Russell for the Make a Wish Foundation. This fanciful poster encapsulates what happens in a child’s mind when they are making a wish.

Artwork created for Falls Communications on their “Out Of This World” concept for the 11th annual Duck Tape festival. This includes a poster and press box.