Greg spent several years freelancing for Mattel working on art for their Barbie brand. Included is artwork for Barbie’s 50th anniversary packaging and various images for marketing.

One of the projects Greg has worked on for Pepsi has been a wall mural. This project was focused on the energy, attitude and activities in Las Vegas where this artwork appeared in a major mall.

Greg was asked to make several charming backgrounds for Hertz’s global branding initiative.

Greg has been fortunate to work internally with Taco Bell corporate for several years. Included is a small sample of projects including the refreshed Taco Bell boy character, the 50th anniversary logo and training images.

Akvinta vodka is a high-end Russian Vodka recently introduced to the United States. Greg was asked to capture the 60s lounge feel for a sophisticated audience. Included are ads and images used on the Akvinta website.

The Zombe OPS is a creative property created by Greg. This artwork is part of a larger Zombie OPS family. Included here is artwork for a journal and T-shirts. To purchase merchandise visit Greg’s store at